Friday, June 19, 2009

Jimmy Choo Makes My Dreams Come TRUE!

IT IS SERIOUSLY LIKE CHRISTMAS IN JUNE OR MAYBE MORE LIKE A NATIONAL HOLIDAY; all schools, banks, and federal offices to be closed in observance of Jimmy Choo making my dreams (and probably yours too) come true - Jimmy Choo will be designing accessories, clothes, and SHOES for H&M this fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I need an oxygen tank, a line of cocaine, and a bottle of Grey get my pulse regulated of course!!!)

Isn't that like music to your ears?!?! A miracle delivered to your nearest mall?!?! The stiletto at the end of the rainbow?!?!

Okay, so here's the plan - aka "Operation JC": the shoes hit H&M on November 14th; we need to split up in teams across the country ladies to increase our chances of "Operation JC" being a success. Since the 14th lands on a Saturday, most people will be camped outside the night before....but we will beat these shoe jacking skanks at their own game and camp out starting WEDNESDAY November 11th! (no food or water after midnight - bathroom breaks are not on the itinerary!) There are a few more steps to my plan but I can't reveal all my secrets until I know who's down with OPP ("yeah you know me")....I mean "Operation JC"?!?!?

I am only being half serious! LOL

Get your dollars ready Divas cause it's time to stimulate the economy via H&M on November 14th.

Smooches & Operation JC Quick Claps

Not one drop of my self-respect is dependent on your acceptance of me. - Quincy Jones

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  1. Those Jimmy Choos are FIRE!~
    Please put it in your calendar...
    to remind me....
    About November 14th~


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