Wednesday, May 27, 2009

White Shoes - I love them, I love them not?!?

Has anyone else struggled with this issue.....white shoes or NO white shoes?!? I have fashionably evolved passed the "style rules", for example:

1) no mixing of metals, silver/white gold and yellow gold don't mix - guilty as charged!

2) mixing prints - lock me up!

3) wearing black and brown together - issue me a ticket!

4) no white after labor day - 25 to life!

As you can see, I create my own rules in my Passion For Pretty world. (I am such the rule breaker) I beg of you to do the same, to take fashion risks, and to live dangerously in style - do it, it's your fashion duty Divas! These rules today are as relevant as Weird Al Yankovic.....that says alot right there! LOL

So.....the only question that I go back and forth with is "Are white shoes appropriate at any time on a female over the age of 5"? White shoes have always either screamed I AM TACKY or I AM A STRIPPER! (not that I am offended by being seen as a stripper, HEY NOW!)

I decided years ago that I love white and I actually wear it all year round; but white shoes have always made me cringe. I knew that if I did decide to tackle white shoes that I could not pair them with a super girly pastel frock that would immediately make me look like my 5 yr old niece on Easter Sunday and that the white shoes need to be VERY clean, no "stripper scuff" allowed.

After a few weeks of searching, I found a FAB pair that I can not wait to break out this year:

Not only am I shocked that I found white shoes that I love, I am shocked that I purchased an Apple Bottom shoe - somebody check my pulse and see if I am still breathing! lol Do they say stripper? (secretly I am hoping you say YES!)

Smooches & White Shoe Quick Claps

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  1. I love these white shoes and they do scream a little bit stripper but...that's why I like them


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