Thursday, May 21, 2009

Want Some Seamen?

It's like Christmas in May's FLEET WEEK in New York, God Bless America!

Pull out your low cut dresses and short shorts, expensive panties, your diaphram, and some SICK pumps - the boys are back in town! (get excited) I don't even do boys and the site of the young, dapper, tight ab saliors in crsip white uniforms looking all nautical makes me a bit moist! lol

I must admit that I do not know what exactly happens during Fleet Week or why there even is a Fleet Week, yall can google it - back to the boys! lol With 13 US and Canadian ships docking (that is the correct word right, docking/parking/pulling in), there will be plenty of EYE CANDY for us all to see!!! (there are some servicewomen so I might get lucky too)

Anywho, get ready for the boy toys who serve our nation along with LOTS of liquor and some hot parties in the city's bars and lounges.

Smooches & SEAMEN Quick Claps

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