Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Haute Couture on a Budget!

The world was waiting in AHHHHH for this gosh darn FABULOUS crystal embellished studded sandals by Balmain (pictured above).....well at least I was a few months ago! lol They are splendid in all their fabulosity for a whopping $2,300 price tag. (PASS!!!)

But no need to cry a river Divas, Steve Madden had jumped on the bandwagan with their own sparkly variation. (GET EXCITED!)

These "Brigght" rhinestone studded sandals include all the Balmain-esque traits, e.g. an ankle strap and lots of bling. They're priced at only $129.95, are you as tempted as I am?!?! (pictured below)

Smooches & Balmain-esque Quick Claps

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