Friday, May 15, 2009

Go For Broke

"Go For Broke" is going to be my new bi-weekly posting on rationalizing BIG ticket purchases! (not that I don't try to do that most days of the week, lol)

Don't you just go ga-ga over this fab necklace!!! Who knew a jewelry maker could be so cool, treating precious stones and found objects with equal esteem? Jewelry designer Tim Binns works from his gut and each piece he designs — from the rose thorn earrings to fluorescent spray-painted watches (yes, even the faces) — has a punk sensibility. But it’s his necklaces that I think are truly worth the cash!

The piece pictured here is from Binns’s Faux Real collection that can be found at Henri Bendel for $750.

Smooches & Go For Broke Quick Claps

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