Thursday, May 7, 2009

Get Hollywood's Bold Brows

My quest for perfect, naturally full, and fabulously shaped brows continues! (I am thinking that by the time we are able to live in space like the Jetsons that there should be a remedy for sparse brows! lol) Until a miracle happens or I can get a brow transplant, I must fill my brows in on a DAILY basis! (see, I tell yall all my secrets up on this blog - that's love)

The problem with most pencils, gels, or powders in the brows is that it does not last through -out the day; especially in 80 degree plus weather! So instead of having to give in and walk around either looking surprised or like Whoopi's twin one can use EI Solutions Brow Last.

Brow Last makes your brow pencil waterproof and smude-proof while keeping brows in place.

EI Solutions Brow Last,, $22.50.

Smooches & Brow Last Quick Claps

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