Monday, May 11, 2009

Can You Ever Really Forgive If You Can't Forget?

Have you ever been involved with some who comes along and has the ability to change the rules? Rules that are set in stone, that exist to protect your heart? You become engulfed in the intoxicating dance of intimacy, the electricity of your chemistry that sizzles through your veins, the type of connection that allows for silent communication between a gaze.....yep, that would be the one that comes along and changes the rules without warning! (be careful, it's ALL in the eyes - they can make you melt)

Now your vulnerable and deep in, I mean deeper than you ever imagined humanly possible because you realize that you are living for this person, that you were uniquely designed and put on this Earth to love this person for a lifetime but something happens; something always happens that causes this person to shimmy away ever so slightly when you are looking for those solid signs that this is it, you are the one, you and I forever (ie: lies, infidelity, identity theft, double life, bad credit, and many more that I am sure that we could discuss for DAYS). You are exasperated and heartbroken...but you just can't walk away. This is the point when the rules have been changed, we think that we still have control but we don't because our heart and mojo are in someone's damn back pocket (or FAB clutch)!

If you stay, can you really forgive if you can not forget? Is keeping our mouths shut in a "don't ask, don't tell" kind of fashion good enough for some to be considered forgiven? Is pretending that the situation that broke your spirit didn't really happen the best policy or just pure convenience - but convenient for who?

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