Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blu_Ray Lips

CARGO’s blu_ray Lip Gloss, specially formulated for filming in high-definition has received RAVE reviews. So what makes it so different from the no doubt countless lip glosses in your collection? The blu_ray gloss provides a lot of almost lipstick-like coverage and plumping capabilities. The gloss contains peptides that smooth out the lines in your lips for a fuller look. The color, shine, and fullness that this lip gloss provides will also photograph/film well.

CARGO’s new Timestrip technology is another plus. Most women are generally forgetful and don’t keep track of beauty products as well as they should. With the Timestrip that’s in the blu_ray Lip Gloss, you’ll never find yourself digging out years old, bacteria-infested pieces of makeup ever again. When you begin using the gloss, simply put the Timestrip into the cap. When 9 months are up, the Timestrip turns red and you’ll know when to toss it out.

The packaging is a bit bulkier than I’d like, but for me, that’s not a deal breaker. See for yourself at your nearest Sephora where it retails for $24. You can read more about the blu_ray collection at

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