Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snooping - What's Fair and What's Cuckoo

Totally Fair - Going through his photos.
If something is an album, it's public, like an issue of People that's all about him!

Sometimes Fair - Opening a closed drawer.
Again, not a big deal. You were just looking for....this hair elastic. Wait, whose hair is that?

Not So Fair - Reading his email.
Not so innocent, but it's illegal only if you hack into someone's account. OR if you publish it, or use the information to harm or damange the person.

Following Him/Her - CUCKOO CUCKOO!!!
Following him/her out one night, watching him/her getting gas, noting that he/she buys a Eminem CD, and then donning a wig and sitting in the corner at the bar where he's drinking with his/her friends. NOW THAT'S NUTS!

Smooches & Snooping Quick Claps

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  1. It's working now girl! Snoop away!
    XXXXX Cult Diva


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