Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lifestyle Professionals

I received this email from my sister-in-law who happens to be my IDOL (remember I have mentioned her in the past, her and those HOT grey boots from last Thanksgiving......she is #2 in the line-up from the left) the other day from her new business venture called Full Circle Six, a fresh, directional approach to the way you live your life. (cool right?!?)

Let me start out by mentioning that all of these DIVAS (don't they all look uber sexy above - werk & twerk ladies) have been trained at high profile companies. They were "inspired by Obama's emphasis on collective empowerment, believing that they can do more together and bring out the best in each other through they decided to embrace entrepreneurship and girl power by joining forces", Vanessa Bush, The Chef, explains.

They also like to think out the box--the more challenging and creative the task, the more excited they get!

Visit for more detail.

Smooches & Full Circle Six Quick Claps

PS - Kudos on the yellow shoes!

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