Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Express Yourself

Along with the Insta-dri polishes, Sally Hansen introduces eight new nail art pens ($7.99). A variety of shades in white, black, light pink, hot pink, blue, red, silver and gold. An easy-to-use fine tip pen filled with different shades of lacquer in each one.

The mistake proof formula can be removed or corrected with a moist cotton swab without damaging dry nail polish. Water based formula is environmentally friendly. Express yourself baby, be creative. Possibilities are endless.

I'm really excited about these new nail art pens from Sally Hansen. Mistake proof indeed. Since the formula is water-based, it's such a breeze removing if you make an mistake. Just take a tissue and wipe without disturbing your base coat - ta da.

Smooches & EXPRESSIVE Nail Art Quick Claps

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