Monday, November 17, 2008

Hotter Lips

Turn old into new! Instead of buying all new lipsticks, layer your existing shades to create fun fall options. Combine brown and pink to make a sultry rose, red and purple for plum, and coral and red for fuchsia.

Make your red lipstick racier. Apply pressed powder in between coats to intensify your everyday red lipstick. “The powder pulls out the oil from the lipstick, so you’re left with a deep, matte stain, which is exactly the kind of effect you want right now,” says Chantel Miller, MAC senior makeup artist. Her pick: MAC Select Sheer/ Pressed Powder, $21.

Outline your pucker with a brow pencil. To prevent your bold lip color from creeping past the corners, “rim your mouth with a flesh-colored brow pencil — its waxy formula is great at preventing any smudging,” says Matin, Neutrogena cosmetic-science expert.

Pat foundation over your lips. The nude, mod lip is the balance to this season’s rich colors. You don’t even need any lipstick to pull it off. “Just dip a makeup sponge in foundation, press it to your lips, and let it dry for a few seconds,” says Shane Paish, Dior global makeup adviser. “Finish it off with a clear lip gloss to add some shine, and you’re good to go.” Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect in Tulle, $24.50, is great for this trick.

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Source: Marie Claire

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