Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Secret Hair Weapon

Biotin pills make my hair happy. If there’s such a thing as a miracle remedy for hair, it’s Biotin. Last year when I was dealing with some serious breakage, a hairstylist told me to start taking it as a supplement. I marched right over to a health-food store and bought some and I’ve been taking it daily ever since—it’s been about a year. My hair is definitely in much better shape now, if I do say so myself. I used to get scolded by hairstylists about all the damage but now she compliments me on how soft and strong my hair feels. Yay, gold star for me!!! So naturally I want to load up on the stuff.
What’s your favorite hair helper?


  1. I use Biotin also..it's an amazing helper! Biotin mixed with pregnancy = STRONG healthy hair!!

  2. I did a bit of research on you Aurah Image Consultants....what an AWESOME business you have!!!

  3. Although I'm not currently taking it, I've tried biotin in the past and I do admit I noticed a difference.


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