Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fashion Week Beauty Product

Sadly, your front-row ticket to the Zac Posen show seems to have been lost in the mail. And that snooty girl with a clipboard just isn’t buying your story that Marc Jacobs is your third cousin twice removed. Which means that while the likes of Anna Wintour score seats close enough to count Coco Rocha’s eyelashes, your Fashion Week dreams are about to come to a screeching halt.

But at least your makeup bag can get a brush of ready-to-wear glamour. If the runway won’t come to you, why not bring your beauty stash to the runway? Add some sartorial splendor with this fashion-minded product:
Lancome Juicy Tubes Rose Fishnets - Proving that fishnets might just look better on your lipgloss than on your legs, this tantalizing lip candy coats your pout in a glimmering rosy hue.

Smooches & Juicy Lip Gloss
Source: TopButton

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