Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's the Economy!

You're financially "challenged", fighting over bills with your Boo, snipping your credit cards, or maybe just ignoring it all! What changes are you making to deal with the economy?

Here are a few suggestions from my world of Passion For Pretty:

  1. Opt for those $100 shoes instead of the $300 Louboutins, try a pair of Carlos Santana shoes!
  2. Hold off poppin' out them babies.......interrupting your career to raise children = less $$$ in your pocket! (plus single mother's are three times as likely to file bankruptcy)
  3. Engage in the stereotypical male behavior of delayed gratification: staying in the workforce even when they don't love it, staying on budget, and staying invested in the stock market.
  4. Public transportation - so NOT fab, but certainly cheaper than jumping in the Benz (or Corolla) to head to work.
  5. Learn to cook and eat out less.
  6. Cut back on weekly salon visits, try bi-weekly or bottled hair color. (it sucks, but I am so on this bi-weekly schedule)
  7. Switch from traditional light bulbs to compact fluorescent.
  8. Switch from a grande skim latte at Starbucks to a grande misto, which costs about $1.50 less!
  9. Open a savings account that can not be accessed via a debit/ATM card.
  10. Marry up......CHA CHING! (lol)

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