Thursday, May 8, 2008

Beautiful Betty Time

Hey yall! I heard about this product on the Wendy Williams Experience on Tues, How U Doin'? LOL It's like designer color for the Va-JayJay hair ladies, talk about a shocking surprise when your man or woman slides your lace panties off!!!

Now, I am not a hair on the Betty type girl (I have been clean shaven since '91) but I do think this is the cutest idea!!! They even have stencils - like heart shaped. : - )

Add a little zest in your life with Pink Fun Betty. Use for a special occasion, a night on the town or whenever you're feeling playful. Color will not rub off on clothing or during physical activity, aka KINKY SEX! Color lasts about 4-5 weeks.


Smooches, Pink Pussy Hair Quick Claps, and Much Love!

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