Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No Pain, No Gain

Yesterday it was nasty and rainy here in the Tri-State Area. So much so that I actually found myself jealous of two poncho-clad people at the IHop. In addition to their plastic rain-gear, they wore jeans, sneakers (and not the cute canvas kinds but actual tennis shoes), and sweaters. They looked mucho comfy and dry. Then there was me: water-clogged clear, fashionable bubble umbrella dripping all over my not warm-enough spring pink trench coat tightly cinched at the waist, feet freezing thanks to a puddle that wet my python, peep-toe, 4.5" heels. But I am by no means the most impractically dressed at this IHop! (saying that makes me feel SO much better! LOL) Got me thinking: What are my limits?

High-heels above 3"? EVERYDAY
Shoes that cause blisters? Yep, if they are cute enough
Not-warm enough coats and jackets? Sometimes
Gut-wrenching belts and too-tight jeans? On the weekends
Dangly, heavy earrings? Check
Newly polished nails that get in the way of typing? Way too often
Body-shapers, girdles, Spanx? ALL THE TIME
Thongs? Nope, no panties on most days
Itchy, skin drying pantyhose? Some days, thanks to "Corporate America"

And you? What have you been willing to suffer in (stylishly)?

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  1. I know this is old but you know I'm late. I am extra casual even at work. I definitely support being cute as hell which you always are. However, some people like myself just aren't girly girls all the time. Your everyday wear is my going out wear (which I don't do often). So different folks different strokes. I definitely don't wear shoes that cause blisters and that's hard with my size 11 feet. Chloe


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