Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Naomi is STILL crazy!

Naomi Campbell claims she was never banned from British Airlines (for that little outburst last month) and they’ve actually been pleading with her to fly with them again. The New York Post says:

Temper-tantrum twit Naomi Campbell, who’s not known for having a good relationship with the truth, is making things up again. Campbell, banned from British Airways flights after she allegedly spat at a cop over missing luggage at Heathrow, claims airline officials have pleaded with her to fly with them again, but she’s refused because of their “complete disrespect for passengers.” That comes as news to the airline. “We are not aware of any pleading phone calls to Ms. Campbell,” an insider told London’s Evening Standard.

NOTE: Since all of her problems come from things that are white, can anyone really blame Naomi for being a racist? Cocaine: white. Crack: white. Men: white. (well the ones that she chooses) Semen: white, sometimes a little off white but only when they need to add a bit more fiber to their diet. (wink)

I know, I'm SO crazy!! LOL


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