Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tech-cessorizing is so in right now!

A couple of months ago I searched, in vain, for a good-looking Bluetooth headset -- and, by "in vain" I mean, out of vanity; I don't think I actually need a Bluetooth headset as I rarely ever drive, but I really desperately wanted to wear a piece of technology on my ear.

For some reason, product designers have yet to come to terms with the fact that women, as well as men, are consumers of technology. And while we all appreciate sleek and black, there's an entire market to be tapped if only tech-aesthetes would experiment with a non-space-age concept of beauty. And by "beauty" I don't mean "make it heart-shaped in baby pink." That's a cop-out even though yall know I might actually like that! lol

Coming this April -- the new Discovery 925, a stylish, high-tech Bluetooh earpiece option from Plantronics. Available in black, gold and cerise (pictured), it will retail for $149. Eva Longoria Parker, Aisha Tyler, Brooke Shields and Lisa Rinna already have it. Haute.

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