Wednesday, March 5, 2008

For the Cameras

I ran across this picture on-line of Will and Jada getting their slap-and-tickle on in the truck on the way to a double date with Tom & Katie. The site made reference to them keeping their marriage strong and questioned how they have done this in Hollywood when most couples don't last past the reception after saying "I Do". To answer the question how do they keep the longevity in their marriage.......THEY KEEP IT OPEN!!!!

For years there has been rumors about Jada getting her bi-sexual swag on and that they often "swing"! (yes, I said swing as in sex with other couples aka partner & spit swapping) Lets discuss how to keep a marriage strong (not like I was able to keep my 3 month punishment, also known as a marriage, strong LOL)....are we as humans hard-wired to to stay in one, monogamous relationship per lifetime or are our relationships meant to last a season?
Good question right?

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