Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Can We Talk, Like REALLY Talk?

Is anyone else bothered by this like I am? Did you throw up a little bit in your mouth? ARE THEY HUGGED THE HELL UP? IN PUBLIC? 50 Cents and Paris Hilton?????

This racist crack whore needs to be taken DOWN! She has no talent and we have no use for her in this world, what a waste of skin!!! This might sound a bit harsh but after that "Look I'm a nigger with a big ass" video clip that I saw and her convenient "brief" stint in jail, this is as nice as I can possibly be! She can not act, her singing is worse than the sounds of a drowing cat after being beat in a duffle bag, and the sex tape SUCKED! (no pun intended) Would it be too much to hope that she never reproduces?

She is the model for exactly what we do NOT want our daughters to be! (if I had a daughter but you might have one so this pertains to you!) It boggles my mind that newsworthy gossip of REAL celebrities get pushed into the background in order to cover someone who in no way impacts society positvely or satisfies my sweet tooth for juicy gossip.

Is it just me?

Now I can totally understand why she wants this man - he's handsome, got the body of a God, stacks of money in the bank from the Vitamin Water deal, and I heard that he should be added to the Pussy Eaters Hall of Fame - like he could suck the lining AND ovaries out of a pussy!!! (hey now) But I would prefer for him to sleep with a three-legged baboon with six toes on one foot and one eye in the center of its forhead before he rationed another millimeter of dick to that trick!

Is it just me?


  1. Damn straight sister,
    It is nauseating that society pays attention to this stupid whore. If this woman went to high school in the eighties and acting like she does now, she would be deemed the town whore and NO ONE would want to associated with her (rich or not).
    I am grateful that I do not have a daughter. I feel extremely sadden for parents who have to contend with raising a daughter with trashy role models like this.

  2. Both...I crave for change b/c I get bored easily with the same thing. I always liked White men, but LOVE Black men; however, due to the tremendous decline of Black men due to incarceration, murder, drugs, and just plain ignorant...I increased my interest outside of my race. To me, love comes in all races; its about respect and communication (Put all ignorance aside about stereotypes) if I'm attracted to a White man it shouldn't be a problem. I've dated White men and found them more affectionate, respectful, and open-minded (we can have an open discussion about anything and everything w/o bullshit). For my Black Kings, its always about rap, sex, smoking, hos, ( you know, dumb shit that has no relevance). When it comes to ambitions, and passions for life...they have none; that's not to say all Black men have that mentality. I've dated a Black men who had intelligence, drive, power, and respect for a Black Queen, however, they preferred White women b/c they say the White women makes them feel like a man, that Black women always want, and want some more; they lack the intellect, always loud and drama-ready. Now, I'm like a dude...I don't like nagging and bullshit; I handle my own and give a man his space and his time with his boys or with himself. It doesn't matter the race as long as you treat me right; I just wish Black men would just get their shit straight!


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