Friday, January 18, 2008

Random Ridiculousness

So I am away for my birthday and of course nothing makes a celebration complete like shopping!!! (I know you are not shocked that I said that, lol) We decide to enter the mall through Nordstrom and on our way out I decide to browse in the handbag section. I am looking for a good quality, classically shaped black everyday bag and since it IS my birthday I am ready to splurge a bit.
I come across the adorable bowling bag shaped handbag by L.A.M.B. which is the line by Gwen Stefani. I love the shape, the quilted banding, and the padlock & tassel accents so I decide to search further for the price.....WELL WRAP ME IN BLING AND CALL ME A GOTTI - this bag is $800!!!!! (yes, I gagged too)
Did I miss something here? This is not a LV or a Botkier bag, it's a damn L.A.M.B. bag!!!! I was APPALLED by this price yall, when did L.A.M.B. start being able to play ball with the big girl bags?

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  1. Fully Agreed! I feel insulted!



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