Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big Softy

"Soft" and "plump" aren't words we'd want to describe any body part other
than our lashes! BUT, Neutrogena's new Healthy Volume Mascara lives up to its promise to make lashes both.

The Formula: Flexible polymers create a slippery a slippery base that reduces tugging and resistance allowing for an even distribution of the product. A mix of silica and soft waves thickens lashes with less clumping and stiffness.

The Conditioners: Olive, meadowfoam seed, and sweet almond oils penetrate lashes to make them less brittle.

The Brush: The plus-size barrel is densely packed with thin, hollow fibers that coat individual lashes instead of fusing them together. The length and number of bristles carry more products to the lashes, so you .don't need multiple coats.

Performance: It leaves no spikes or spaces - just gorgeous lashes! The conditioners help definition because softer lashes are easier to manipulate.

Source: Allure

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