Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fresh Anointing

"Life will work for me when I realize that the experience of my faith keeps my faith alive."

You must have faith and experience in order to live life fully. You must have faith that all of the things you expect from life are possible for you. You must have faith that no matter what life brings you, you will be able to handle it. (easier said than done, practice makes perfect on this one) You must have faith that your faith will eventually lead to good experiences and experience teaches you that your faith is paying off. Once you have had an experience, you know that you know that you KNOW! (the problem is when you don't choose to make a different choice even when you know that you know that you KNOW - HELLO, been there too many times in my life)

When you know, you become more faithful. Once you have an experience, it makes you want better or different experiences. The difference between faith and experience is this: faith you must work on, experience works on you. Let's say that again - faith you must work on, experience works on you.

You must work to keep your faith alive. When you are working on faith, it may feel as if you are going against the grain. There may be no evidence that what you believe has any validity. Still, you must MOVE FORWARD faithfully, until you have the experience that will lead you to knowing.

An experience leaves a mark on your consciousness, an experience will guide your thoughts and your actions, an experience can open your heart to NEW HORIZONS or close your heart in fear. (we will discuss fear next week) In the midst of an experience, you must have faith that you will ultimately reap some benefit from what you now know is true.

It is important to know what experiences to put your faith in. If you have an unpleasant experience, have faith that you will learn something new, useful, or productive. When you have a pleasant or productive experience, have faith that you can duplicate the experience and make it better. Have faith that your mind and heart will always be open to BIGGER, BETTER experiences than those you have already had.

Until today, you may not have realized that your faith and your experiences work hand in hand. Starting today, use your faith to create BETTER experiences. Use your experiences to ACTIVATE a deeper sense of faith.

Live faithfully today, tomorrow, ALWAYS!


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