Thursday, September 6, 2007

Visible Panty Lines

Good Morning Passion For Pretty fans, today's discussion is about the absolute worse fashion crime that you can commit......having VISIBLE PANTY LINES (VPL)! I feel the need to express how wrong VPL is - JUST SAY NO LADIES, JUST SAY NO! A VPL occurs when panties are visible through her clothes. (VPL can also stand for Visible Penis Line in regards to the outline of a man's genitals being visible but we are not here for them, this blog is ALL about us) Invisible panty lines were first used in advertising as a key selling point with Sheer Energy Pantyhose in the early 1980s. (history lesson for the day)

There are numerous factors that contribute to a VPL, I will list a few:

1. transparent or thin fabric (silk, thin cotton, etc)

2. for lighter individuals - wearing darker underwear under light colored clothing
3. for darker individuals - wearing lighter underwear under light colored clothing
4. tight clothing (YES, EVEN JEANS)
5. Soft fabrics (jogging pants, business trousers)

Now, most people consider a VPL undesirable and embarrassing but VPL does have a place in our culture - VPL is a must in most erotic clothing as some men have a panty fetish! (we'll discuss this on another day) So you ask, "what is the cure to VPL"? The cure is to get a full length mirror and look at your ASS before you leave the f*%$ing house! (sorry, that slipped) The answer is simple and you have multiple options:
1. Thongs
2. Go panty-less (my #1 choice)
3. Seamless Boy Shorts (Calvin Klein, Ashley Stewarts)
4. Spanx (the BEST product ever invented,

So, you have come and I have delivered. Now go out and spread the information with offenders that you know and love, VPL is a dirty epidemic and it is YOUR womanly duty to stop the spreading of this disease! LOL
Until tomorrow - Smooches, Quick Claps, and Much Love,

It's me again - I was going to sign off but the though of a VPL led me into the infamous CAMEL TOE! Ladies, do you know what a CT is? Do you know how to fight the war against CT? Should I even take it there.....start discussing the disgusting outline of your cat trap in pants???? Well, maybe I'll save this for tomorrow cause I have a GREAT pic!!! LOL Bye-bye

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