Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tuesday Spetember 4, 2007

I would first like to thank you all for visiting my new Blog. Many have suggested and now I am here to please the masses......WATCH OUT WORLD! lol

Hmmmm, I think we will start the day off by discussing some celebrity gossip - sound good?

So, Usher (28) and Tameka (37) had their "dream wedding" this past weekend since they were quietly married in a civil union ceremony over a month ago. The celebration was held at the luxurious Chateau Elan Winery & Resort, a 16th-century-style French chateau set on 3,500 acres outside of Atlanta. 200 guests were present but guess who was not.....yep, Usher's mother Jonetta Patton! Now, we were informed that the original ceremony that was scheduled to take place at L.A. Reid's NY home was cancelled due to Usher not being able to make such a commitment without the presence and acceptance of his Mamma. WHAT CHANGED? I am sure that a prenup was finally signed but is all this worth it? Who wants to spend their days torn between their new wife and their Mamma and what woman would be fool enough to believe that they can win that battle up against Mamma!!! Let's pray for the safety of Tameka cause I smell some drama in her future and maybe even an ass whooping.

Most of us are Wendy Williams listeners and lovers so I am sure that many of you heard the interview last week she had with Irv Gotti from Murder Inc. In this interview, Irv admitted that he did have a sexual relationship with Ashanti even though he was married but the relationship went sour when she started to distance herself during his trial for money laundering. He called this a "lack of loyalty" yet I see this as a sista trying to secure her future! She was the side piece, second string, the bench warmer....there are no promotions in this game when you accept the position as the side whore! What she did was back up from the drama and legal issues JUST IN CASE he was found guilty so that she would be able to market herself to other labels and state that she was in no way involved in the legal issues. Who knew Ashanti was that smart?

Mary J Blige has announced that she is NOT pregnant! : - ( I don't know about you but deep down inside I was hoping that it was true, doesn't she deserve all the happiness in the world after all that she has been through?

Did you hear that Mel B will be on the new season of Dancing With the Stars? I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!! Not only has she been looking FAB, she has had lunch with Eddie's ex and his children, done numerous interviews that has put Eddie's worthless ass out to dry, and now just to piss him off even more she will be smiling on national television EVERY WEEK! LOL Pay up bastard cause you can't run from Mel B!!!!!

That's all for today ladies, until tomorrow.
Smooches, Quick Claps, and Much Love,

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  1. I wish that MAry J. was having a baby. She really deserve everything she pray for.


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