Thursday, August 20, 2009

Throw Back Thursday - The Subway Lady Can Kiss My Ass!

*originally posted 9/7/2007*

So, my co-workers and I decided to have Subway for lunch which works since I am on Weight Watchers and a fat girl ONLY get 26 pts a day that I could easily eat up on a cheeseburger and fries! (can you say "TORTURE")

I digress - so we're in line ordering our food and I order a mini (half of the 6" sub) since I find that I never eat a whole 6". The woman who made the sandwich was fine, she knew what I was talking about when I stated a "mini" and prepared my food. I get to the register for the snippy ass Manager (I guess she's the over achiever since she's the Queen Bee up in there) states that they no longer make minis. (funny cause I just ordered a mini, was handed the mini, and rang up the mini with NO difficulty) So, I proceed to comment that not only had I purchased a mini from there before but I had one over the holiday weekend. With a look of disgust (little did she know that I was even more disgusted by those scraggly ponytails and smeared black liner on her lower eyelid that instantly made me think she just go off the Ho Stroll and came into work this morning....glad she didn't make my sandwich), this wench quickly snap "We are ALL privately owned, this one NO LONGER makes minis, she just made this one for you!" (clearly she had no idea who I was! LOL)

I bit my tongue and controlled the urge to snatch her from behind the counter as she proceeded to comment that it's not that much off from a 6".....ummm , yes it is bitch - about 3 inches off!!! (don't assume that the fat girl can swallow one of these whole) Now this is what I am thinking - not only have I purchased one previously, getting one now, and it's programmed in the register from the company BUT it's listed in your Nutrition Guide!

All that to say.....I GOT MY MINI!

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