Monday, September 10, 2007

Beauty Spy - Beyond Black Polish

Good morning Divas, hope you all enjoyed your weekends....but now back to the grind.

I have noticed some ladies wearing deep, dark polish this early! Usually we do not make that switch until at least October 1st but since chicks seem to be jumping into Fall Fashion early I thought I better discuss it. (so you can get it right - not that you wouldn't but better safe)

Black nail polish was ALL the rave last fall/winter (even though it really did NOT work for most who tried this fad) but this year ladies we need to evolve to a more sophisticated level with subtle, pretty tweaks of color. Does that sound confusing and unspecific? Well don't worry, in the world of Passion For Pretty I provide you with the needed information to make responsible, fashion-conscious decisions! : - ) PLEASE NOTE, deep-toned polish looks best on short manicured nails and as a fabulous pedicure color instead of long, acrylic claws! (no offense to you all who are still slaves of the acrylic)

1. My favorite of ALL is Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Tulipe Noire, it's a shimmery garnet (my birthstone - that's January 15th ladies so start shopping for my gifts now) with a brilliant luster.
$19 -

2. I am also partial to L'Oreal Paris Nail Polish in Stroke of Midnight. (the TOP pedicure color on this list and the least expensive) This is a deep raisin color, rich and smoky - this is the best color for pale skin and lighter skinned individuals.
$5 - local drugstores

3. Essie happens to be my favorite line of nail polish! New this fall is Material Girl. (giving homage to Madonna) One coat gives you a translucent burgundy and two coats creates a beautiful eggplant shade.
$8 - or Trade Secret Stores

4. Creative Nail Design Polish in Hyde In The Dark. Very sultry, metallic, deep grey with tiny flecks of glitter. (and remember ladies, GREY is the new black this fall)
$6 -

5. This last one is not for the weak of heart! OPI Nail Lacquer in Light My Sapphire is a rich storm-cloud blue is a stunning, original color and the polish really lasts.
$8 -

Go enjoy and spread this information, it is your duty as a Fashionista!

Until tomorrow - Smooches, Quick Claps, and Much Love,

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  1. Hello PFP Diva!

    I was JUST turned on to your blog and you have already become my new BBFF! I purchased the Arin in BOTH colors! Affordable indeed! I have a PROFOUND love for shoes. A girl work hard to keep her VERY well-paid job JUST to so she can buy the shoes she wants. Trust me, CArrie Bradshaw is a NOVICE compared to me!

    I am ALL about great style & comfort above all (What good is it to have that scrumptious Laboutin if you can't walk in that girl?!?!).
    However, I feel Kimora. Beauty is pain and sometimes (just sometimes) you gotta hurt all over.

    Keep it coming Fabulous Diva!

    Smooches bakatcha!
    Ms Bubbles


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