Saturday, January 2, 2010

Living the Lessons in 2010

In the back of our minds we all hope that the coming year will be better than the one we leave behind. Truth is, in most cases we are the masters of our destiny....but the other telling truth is that in most cases - we fail dismally when it comes to New Year's Resolutions. So I've got a trick for the statistics (and myself), I am calling it Living the Lessons. No far-fetched resolutions, just a promise to myself to lead a more fulfilling life!

This isn't to vow to hit the gym and look like Beyonce by the summer (okay, I DO want a Beyonce body but a bit thicker - like a size 10/12 which is ONLY 20 more lbs away thank you Lawd), it's DEEPER than that! I turn 33 in January (I know I must love my readers to have admitted to my REAL age! LOL) and have never taken the time to list the lessons that I have learned personally, professionally, and spiritually as an adult in this crazy thing called "life".

Normally this list would stay hidden within my journal in the back of my pantie drawer but THIS year I have decided to share with the world for two reasons: 1) words contain empowering empowering energy that I need to release into the universe 2) I want those that know me, love me, and even hate me to check me if you see me slipping, giving up, and hiding under the covers due to my circumstances.

Here are my top five lessons that I am embracing for 2010:

1. Plan Purposefully

-Talk less, say more.

- Developing goals for myself, pinpointing the needed actions for reaching those goals, making sure my behavior is aligned with my goals, and assessing the outcomes of my prior actions to make current adjustments.

2. Prepare Prayerfully

- Fear less, hold on to my FAITH more.

- Fervent prayer will allow me to be receptive to the guidance of the Spirit.

- Bible Study

3. Proceed Positively

-Complain less, embrace more.

- Allow into my awareness only feelings of happiness, strength, and success.

4. Pursue Persistently

-Fail forward but NEVER fall.

-Willing is NOT enough, I must do.....consistently.

5. Indulge the Ego

-EGO TRIP: an activity, period of time, etc. devoted ENTIRELY to indulging in one's own interests or in self-expression.

Happy New Year!

I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet. -Carrie Bradshaw


  1. I love "living the lesson in 2010" Happy New Year!

  2. Amazing article! It's to see the best has yet to come..spiritually, personally, professionally, and financially.



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