Monday, February 1, 2010

OPI Fail

Have any of you heard of this product, the OPI Axxium Gel?!? OPIs hottest and most popular nail colors in a long-lasting, UV-cured, soak-off gel formula polish.

I heard about it a little over a year ago online but it wasn't offered in my nail salon until just a few months ago. My technician was SUPER excited to tell me about it knowing that I am a beauty blogger. *and YES, she has taken a few shots of my freshly painted nails for me* I I immediately gave it as try, totally sold on the non-chip aspect because I hate nothing more than the dreaded chipped mani!!!! *ewwww, so 1983*

It honestly was the BEST manicure that I have received, it truly was chip resistant and maintained a shine for the full 2-3 weeks between appointments! All was girly and FAB until I started to notice how easily my nails were chipping....and then how thin my nails were after soaking off the gel. *ugghhh*

I feel taken advantage of, that whole "keeping nails strong as they grow out" was a TOTAL lie! *OPI owes me about $120 PLUS compensation for having to endure weak nails once again*

Has anyone tried Minx Nails?

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  1. I hear Trendy Nails Unlimited are cheaper and last longer?


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