Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Don't you all love the latest Marshalls and TJMaxx "Spendervention" commercials?!? Not only do they crack me up but they are genius!!

Why pay too much for fashion?

In an attempt to spruce up my Spring wardrobe, I decided to take a trip to Marshalls to see what I could find....of course I was successful!

Here is my favorite piece pictured above, this fabulous halter-like, racerback, bead-encrusted top that just makes my toes curl with pleasure!!! And can you believe ONLY $19.99?!?!

With Spring Cleaning on my mind, I decided that I wanted to change the color scheme of my living room from deep scarlet/burnt orange/gold to something more lively, something that screamed springtime.

I decided to head over to TJMaxx with my gal pal and was tinkled pink to find these deliciously colorful throw pillows to add to my couch.

Out with fall feel of my old decor and hello new and improved!!! Oh, and did I mention that the printed pillows (I purchased 2) were only $19.99 each and the aqua 2 pack of pillows was only $14.99!

Need I say anymore?!?

All of you should be slipping on your most comfortable low-heeled pumps and on your way to you local Marshalls and TJMaxx for your own personal SPENDERVETION!

Smooches & Spendervention Quick Claps

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  1. Girl~
    I live near a Marshalls that I never visit.... lol
    Thanks for the heads up~


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