Thursday, July 23, 2009

Open Shoe Insoles

Exhibit A

Isn't that a cute little semi-strappy sandal pictured above?!? I love it, I purchased them from Baker's a few years ago and have only worn them one time because for the 1st time in my life - I have a shoe that just doesn't fit properly!! UGGHHHH

The issue is that my toes kinda sorta *scratching my head*......slide forward and cause my toes to peek through the front opening which is both unattractive looking and gosh darn painful!

Exhibit B (WITH insole)

I have tried MANY of inserts and cushions, I have even sprayed the bottom of my feet with deodorant to prevent the evil "slippage" but have been unsuccessful - that is until I received a sample of Dr. Scholl's For Her Open Shoe Insoles from inside my Marie Claire Magazine last month!!! (yes, I only received 1 insole so it was imperative that I run straight to WalMart to make that purchase!)

With these inserts, women no longer have to sacrifice comfort for fashion in their open-style shoes. Ultra-slim and discreet cushioning for open-style shoes, massaging gel cushioning at the heel and sensitive ball of foot area, soft lining feels great on bare feet, and uniquely designed to fit a variety of open shoes, including sandals, strappy dress shoes, sling backs and slides. (hey, I sound like an advertisement.....send me a check Dr. Scholl's! LOL)

Smooches & Open Shoe Insole Quick Claps

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