Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mystery SOLVED

From time to time I receive email questions which I do LOVE, send all questions to PassionForPretty@gmail.com with "QUESTION" in the subject line - the wilder the question, the better......I digress, this week I received an email stating:

Q: I love the black bustier that Rihanna is wearing in the "Paranoid" video. I need details Diva!!! - Tara, LA

A: Hey Tara girl....I got the details you need babes! *smile* Isn't that video just fabulous?!?!? Rihanna plays a tortured soul but looks stunning doing it!!! Well the bustier is from La Perla, the Black Label Collection (see tiny ass picture below....La Perla has a TIGHT lock on their images!). It's available at laperlausa.com for $480.

Smooches & "Paranoid" Quick Claps

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