Friday, June 26, 2009

Statement Shoes

This shoe is BEYOND hot, it's GLAM SLAM!!! (like a slam dunk but glamorous! lol)

Do you get a bondage feel with this updated bondage with a Madagascar twist! (what was the name of that damn zebra in the movie played by Eddie Murphy - Melman?)

Anywho, the bondage feel paired with animal print plus metal hardware equals a shoe-gasm for me!

Clearly Givenchy is not playin' this Spring and Summer!!!

Smooches & Statement Shoe Quick Claps

Not one drop of my self-respect is dependent on your acceptance of me. - Quincy Jones

1 comment:

  1. Love at first click! And your shoe of the week cost about a semester at college, but I'm willing to make the sacrafice and wear those shoes everywhere. Including to bed.


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