Monday, June 1, 2009

Revamp Your Summer T-Shirts

Update your T-shirts with lashings of baroque necklaces, à la Coco Chanel!

Get the jewelery right and you could wear the simplest clothes to just about any occasion.....hell, with the right accessories you can be naked and STILL fit in with the crowd! LOL

Choose jewelery that is big, eclectic and brazenly fake!!! Now I know that my taste may be a bot too left field for some of you Divas but roll with me on this one and translate it into a language of style that YOU speak.

All of the pieces I found above I adore and must have to revamp my simple summer t-shirts, I am shopping my closet this year and spicing things up with accessories and shoes/sandals.

What are you plans for you summer wardrobe? Leave a comment - they excite me! LOL

Smooches & Revamp Quick Claps

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