Thursday, June 4, 2009

Notice My Nails

I am in the process of cleaning (clothes, shoes, accessories, purses, beauty products, etc) as I am attempting to "shop" my closet this summer so I am coming across all kinds of things......I found this Essie polish in a purse from last year.

I have been thinking about picking up some new polishes for the summer to get my nails noticed and envied but when I found this gem I decided to give it a try! I know a lot of people are struggling with it right now, but I'm kind of loving the return of neon. But with neon (as with many of the '80's comebacks), there's always the fine line between fun and obnoxious!

I introduce Essie's Bermuda Shorts, pictured on my fingers and toes. Described on their site as "high-voltage violet", the color is bright, happy, and bold. While the color looks a little shocking in the bottle, when applied, it's actually really pretty and an instant mood lifter!

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