Monday, June 8, 2009

Carlos Falchi for Target (get excited NOW)

Accessories designer Carlos Falchi will create a line of handbags for Target. It's a surprising collaboration, since Falchi's work embodies all that is fabulous in a handbag — python, crocodile ; if it's expensive and you can make a purse out of it, Falchi has probably done it. From his $875 python clutch at Saks to his FAB doctor bag at Neiman;s for $4,995!

But his bags for Target will be made of faux snakeskin and will come in jewel tones like plum and teal with contrasting shades of brown, black, and gray - YUMMY!

I'm excited, you should be too!

See ya online October 11th.

Smooches & Faux Croc Quick Claps

Source: NYMag

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  1. Wow, Falchi is truly a well rounded designer. Designer handbags are very expensive so it's great to see a respected designer releasing a line that is more budget sensitive! Thanks!


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