Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Project Runway is BACK!

They made it work! After months of fierce fashion bickering between NBC Universal and The Weinstein Company - Project Runway got the OK to go on with the show.

Season six, which threatened to become the sartorial "lost season," will debut on Lifetime this summer. Here's how the runway rumble shook out: Producer Harvey Weinstein paid NBC big bank so he could take PR from Bravo to Lifetime. And Bravo simultaneously announced the debut of a new design challenge pilot called "The Fashion Show" starring Isaac Mizrahi (in the role of Tim Gunn) and Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child (in the role of Mrs. Seal).

Sorry, Bravo, but do you really think boisterous Isaac Mizrahi can hold a candle to dignified quip-smith Tim Gunn? And Destiny's forgotten Child, Kelly Rowland as the divine Heidi Klum? Sorry, Kelly, you may be a survivor, but you're no fashion expert.

Bravo's knock-off show will also lack the perpetually orange and always opinionated Michael Kors. And Nina Garcia. (Although really, good riddance on that one.)

I'd say Lifetime is the winner of this runway war. And as long as they don't throw in a serial killer stalking a lady doctor trying to find her birth parents - that's fine with me.

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