Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fashioned for a Fashionista

Is anyone else familiar with Pierre Hardy shoes?!?

Let's give a boisterous applause for this shoe designer - let us stand in ovation, since this designer has once again created a shoe fashioned for the fashionista!

Pierre Hardy has had many different projects, however the main theme has always been shoes.

He started his career with Christian Dior in 1988 designing their shoes, and was asked to edit and illustrate Vogue Homme International magazine.He then moved on to design mens and womens shoes for Hermes, and in the summer of 1999 he launched his own self-titled collection, which was an instant hit! He has also designed the shoe collection for Balenciaga, and Nicole Kidman chose his sandals for the Screen Actors Guild Awards and requested custom-made sandals for the Academy Awards ceremony.

Anywho, these shoes made my girlie parts tingle and I had to share! lol

Smooches & Pierre Hardy Quick Claps

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