Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not Fashionable BUT Practical

I came across this products while riding in a NYC cab - Peeky toes, are you familiar?

Are these, BUT they are very practical! Picture it - winter , 2009: you are the type of DIVA that keeps her every other week pedicure routine even during the colder months when your toes are not as exposed as they are in the summer (remember, peep-toes are acceptable all year-round ladies). You have a 10am appointment that you refuse to miss this Saturday morning, but it's literally 15 degrees outside!!! The thought of traveling to and from the salon in flip-flops totally ruins the experience that you have created in your head of plush pampering when your flip-flop adorned, exposed toes have the possibility of being frost bitten. Sure you can choose a pair of warm, closed shoes and TRY to wrap your semi-dry toes in plastic on your way home but you and I both now that you run the risk of smudging them before you even turn the key to start up the what's a girl to do?

PEEKY TOES to the rescue! (the pic above is self-explanatory)

Smooches & Peeky Toe Quick Claps

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