Monday, March 30, 2009

Know What You Want in a Mate?

Wonder why all of your relationships have been failures? Then I think it's time to make "the list"!

This list is sort of a record to keep track of the attributes that you are NOT willing to negotiate. At the start of a relationship, pull this list out (hang that bitch on your bathroom mirror if you have to....I'm about to hang mine there now!!) and make an assessment - an honest assessment. The point of this assessment is to that when the dreamy courtship is history, the sex is declining, and there’s no such thing as hand holding you don't want to still be with this loser because it’s comfortable or it’s just easier than parting ways.

So, I decided to do a list myself. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be but I am happy with the outcome, I am CLEAR in what I want - here it is:

Makes me a priority
A provider (but you know I am not interested in being a kept woman, that is SOOOO 1950)
Sexually free
A team player
An animal lover (Sheba & Kennedy need a Daddy...or an Uncle Daddy! lol)

Hope my list above can help assist you in the creation of yours. It's ALL about happiness in 2009 ladies!

Smooches & "The List" Quick Claps


  1. I made my list in 1999 and everyone told me I would never, ever find someone with those qualities. HA! They were so wrong, I met my husband to be in 2002 and he has everything on my list, PLUS he's a good kitty daddy too. Don't let anyone tell you that your perfect man is not out there!

  2. I love your list and you have somthing on it that I really want the next person I am involved with to do Makes me a priority. I really want to come first. Wow again great list!


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