Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Save Your Stilettos!

I never go without stilettos, seriously I wear them EVERYDAY! (except maybe when I am in VA with my Boo on a Sunday afternoon outing) Aside from all my other fabulousness, my gal pals give me kudos for this dedication alone! lol Living in Jersey and socializing in NYC, this is not an option for most - besides the depreciated streets, the blocks are way too long. However, I’m sure most of you would agree that walking the streets of any urban neighborhood is not only somewhat torture on your feet, but brutal on your shoes. (a crime right - we should be able to write-off shoe repairs on our tax returns)

Unfortunately, the pain we endure to look fab seems to be incurable, but our shoes now have Smart Heel! Smart Heel is smartest and chicest invention for a fashionista’s feet. What are Smart Heels, they are sleek plastic heel protectors that you place over top of the heels of your shoes to guard against the harsh elements of concrete.

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