Monday, February 2, 2009

Have You Been to Marshalls Lately?

Marshalls certainly has changed since my teenage years as their cashier and also as a amateur shopper....NOW, Marshalls is a thrifty girl's BFF!

I visited Marshalls in Secaucus over the Thanksgiving holiday on a rainy Saturday evening (doing 80 on the Turnpike to get there before it closed, lol) to see what was up with this "Cube" boutique I had been hearing about. (okay, and to also browse the MegaShoe Store section that I am SO IN LOVE WITH!!!)

Of course the store was packed since it was the weekend of Black Friday but that was not going to deter me from my mission. As soon as I walked into the store I was drawn to The Cube boutique section - bright and bold colors, FAB large mirrors (that I so wanted to purchase but they were not for sale), and racks of the hippest and funkiest clothing ever seen in Marshalls!! I browsed a bit, touching and feeling a few pieces here and there, but I could not find a home for myself in this section - it was a bit TOO young and hip for me, and I didn't see anything over size 10!! (boooooooo)

The Cube is perfect for teenagers (ie - my niece & her non-stop talking, texting, boy loving friends would totally LOVE it there) and those shoppers in their early 20's; very urban, very chic, very hip but not for the grown and sexy! lol But that's the great thing about Marshalls, there is always a section that is right for you within the store!

Oh well, I tried......but I did leave with the CUTEST pair of Steven by Steve Madden black patent-leather, hidden platform, box-toe, 4.5' heeled pumps!!

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