Monday, February 9, 2009

Dashing Diva Does Manhattan

Dashing Diva is celebrating 2009 by honoring the city that never sleeps, which happens to be the place where they opened their first nail spa - New York City! Dashing Diva is introducing a new collection this year called the Manhattan Collection. Each color in the Manhattan Collection is inspired by different places and aspects of New York. The first 4 shades that they’re releasing as a sneak peek are, from left to right:

The Red Carpet: a classic, true red
East Village: a chocolatey glaze
NYPD Blue: dark, dark navy blue
Central Park After Dark: plum with light burgundy tones

I have not sampled them but am impressed with all from what I see. East Village is a pretty brown that is a distinct chocolate shade, and the Red Carpet is a gorgeous, sexy bright red. My favorite is NYPD Blue, which really retains its true navy shade without veering to blue-black.

Source: Daily Obsession

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