Monday, January 19, 2009

Wink, Flirt, or GLAMOROUS?

Wink, Flirt, or's up to you! (of course I opted for GLAMOROUS - hello, would you have expected any less from me?)

I am talking about NovaLash Eyelash Extensions - semi permanent lash extensions that last up to 2 months! You decide how long, how thick, and how many ladies - from the shower, to the gym, swimming, or the hot tub at the Marriott with your Boo Boo; these lashes aint goiin' no where. Worn by celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Beyonce, Gwen Stedani, and Paris Hilton!

My Makeup Mentor, Regina, is a Certified Eyelash Extensionist with NovaLash and insisted that I give these a try instead of my normal "clusters" - 3 hrs later I have the lashes of my DREAMS! (similar to the ones pictured above, 12mm on the top but I didn't need any on the bottom as per my "Extensionist")They are thicker, longer, and look naturally abundant!!! Can you say a life-changing experience?!?! (maybe a bit dramatic but I SO love them)

Regina has put together some fabulous options:

Wink - 15 to 25 lashes per eye, focusing on the center and outer edge of the eyelid to empower you sexy wink

Flirt - 25 to 45 lashes per eye gives you a full set, noticeable but still natural

GLAMOROUS - 45 to 60 lashes per eye to give you some serious eye batting power....she warns, this is NOT for the timid (holler!)

It's up to you ladies - however you choose to get your sexy on, JUST DO IT!

NovaLash by Regina, 908-581-2883, weekend appointments available, will come to YOU for your convenience.

Smooches & NovaLash Quick Claps

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