Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Birthday Wishes


Yes, today is my b-day and I am totally excited and ready to accept any and all gifts!

Above is sorta like my, kinda like my.....well actually my EXACT wish list - minus a few things that just wouldn't be ladylike of me to reveal! lol (wink)

Let's see - I have a Mary Kay Pink Cadillac (PDP in tha house), Vibe Vixen (wish me luck on getting an interview), a pink laptop, some SICK Louboutins, a hot LV bag that's the perfect color for all season (and in my favorite - patent leather), Dior Show Mascara (need I say anymore about this darn mascara for you to know I LOVE it), a unique ring from Cavalli, the Kimora Lee Simmons diamond Hello Kitty necklace/pendant that I have been drooling over for a few years, and a rainbow sapphire bracelet that has been on my wish list for two birthdays in a row.

Hey, a girl can dream right.....

Smooches & ERIN'S BIRTHDAY Quick Claps

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