Friday, January 9, 2009

15-Minutes of Fame

Were you all into the Housewives of Atlanta? I kinda sorta was.....didn't want to but it was like a train wreck that I couldn't turn away from! I came in mid-season and I was iffy about trying to catch up until one night my Boo had her BFF over for drinks so I was able to have girl time in the bedroom (fashion magazines thrown across the bed, my own bottle of chilled Nuvo, and both cats curled up underneath me) - and what luck that a Housewives Mini-Marathon was on! (I quickly caught up)

Anywho, my main issue with the show was that I refuse to believe that was the best that the black elite of Atlanta had to offer!!! NeNe Leakes (pictured above) was the most liked individual on the show by viewers but she actually wasn't one of my favorites, something about her bad weave (and her loudness) just made me not wanna be her friend! LOL

But she certainly has redeemed herself with these shots taken by celebrity photographer Derek Blanks - NeNe is NOT playin, she better werk, and twerk, and pick that mutha fuckin money up off the floor Miss Honey!!!! She is strecthing those 15-minutes into more like 20 and I aint mad at her, she looks FABULOUS! (go NeNe, go NeNe)

Can't wait for Season 2!

Smooches & NeNe Quick Claps

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