Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What Your Feet Want

I came across this add while flipping through my Harper's Bazaar mag and it instantly caught my eye - most people look for insoles to slip into their pumps but I am a rare bread called a "DIVA", I can run a mile, hurdle a fence, take 6 laps around Bloomie's, and mow the lawn in some pumps! lol It's flats that mess me up.....I can not be alone in this one. (SMH)

So I am uber excited about Kushyfoot but especially the Ultra Low Cut Foot Covers that are perfect for ballet flats. Kushyfoot features reflexology inspired massaging soles with Lycra fiber for great comfort and fit. They have an entire line of socks and tights!

Smooches & Kushyfoot Quick Claps

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