Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm a Stalker - Part III

I feel like we are STILL dealing with the same question - to be Beyonce Carter or not to be Beyonce Carter???? We all assume but I need clarification from her, her mamma, her people....SOMEONE!

The word among the Wags (those whose gossip) is that Beyonce will FINALLY speak on her “secret” marriage and bearing her soul on her new album in the latest issue of Essence:

In an intimate interview with ESSENCE, megastar BeyoncĂ© dishes on her new album, Jay-Z, and life in the spotlight. Costarring in two upcoming films, the psychological thriller “Obsessed” and “Cadillac Records,” where she’ll star as Etta James, the Queen B is preparing to dominate the box office and the music charts. The singer says her new album, coming in November, is her most personal to date. For the first time ever, she opens up to ESSENCE about paparazzi, the wdding, the rumored engagement ring, and what we all missed!

This sounds like it could be interesting but we bet she’ll give the same ol’ non-answer answers that she and Jay are good for.....but you know we will all read the article anyway! (just to make sure that we don't miss anything

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