Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Harper's Bazaar & Saks Fifth Avenue

Pictures by Tonya Jeter of Beaute Models

Hey DIVAS! I have been SO busy with freelancing that I totally forgot to blog about this fabulous private event that I was able to September! LOL (bad Blogging Shoe Whore) I pink pinky swear to never keep you DIVAS out of the loop again, fair? (big hug)

I know that I have mentioned that I am on my Freelance GRIND but I am not sure I have mentioned all the sites that I freelance for?!?! ("damn blonde streaks" as my Boo would say) Anywho, I am a Freelance Contributor for iFashion Network that launches its site next month(will keep you posted). I received an email to cover the Harper's Bazaar and Saks Fifth Avenue Fall Fashion Show (yeah, I was TOO excited - left work early to let the glam squad hook a girl up!!) - I was to attend this prestigious show and get an exclusive interview with Avril Graham, Executive Fashion & Beauty Editor of Harper's Bazaar!!! (yeah, that's BIG right there....she's in the center picture above) I was assigned a photographer from iFashion Network but yall know that I invited by gal pal Tonya (who just so happens to be a photographer) so that I could have my own pics for Passion For Pretty!! (see how much I love yall)

After a short but intense commute after work to Saks (I had to lightweight cuss someone out on the train for laying across the entire seat during rush hour - BITCH! LOL), Tonya and I were excited and anxious to get to 2nd floor activities...we checked our makeup and hair in the elaborate mirrors inside the elevators to ensure that we were deliciously fabulous by the time the doors parted on the 2nd floor. We were greeted with an unlimited flow of champagne, perfectly pretty martinis, and an arrangement of red & white wines! (HEY NOW, a girl could get use to this) I headed straight to the bar for some bubbly and enjoyed a few butler passed horderves while watching the models sashay by - and then I remembered I was there to work!!! LOL

I walked around the large circle, visiting every designer boutique and gawked at the beautiful glass cases that lined the aisle with the season's irresistible trends:

  • Romantic Blouse

  • Bold Necklace

  • Sweater Coat

  • Top Handle Bag

  • Boots

  • Tailored Dress

  • Polished Face

  • Relaxed Coat

I was most impressed with a beautiful black, grey, and white ensemble by Lida Baday, the Christian Louboutin ankle booties, and a HOT red trench coat by Burberry.


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